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This is where you’ll find a little background information on the site. If you have questions about the staff, there is also a staff section.

Why Cintia Dicker?

Look at her! She’s absolutely adorable and covered head to toe in freckles! Who could help loving her? But that aside, she seems really cool and down-to-earth, which is more than a great many models can say. She’s what I would expect a model to be: gorgeous, but also a great role model for other girls.

Why did you open this site?

Because there just wasn’t a good Cintia site out there that was made by the fans for the fans. There are a few profiles here and there on fashion sites, and all people who keep up on fashion know who she is, but for someone to be able to go to a resource with all the information together was not really possible. That’s why I decided to start the site, with as comprehensive a gallery as possible and with as much info as I could gather on this Brazilian beauty.

General background information

The site is run by Jade, who also runs EmmaW.Net (an Emma Watson fansite). Cintia Dicker Online is hosted on The Prelude Network. The domain was purchased in mid-March of 2010 and the site opened on March 19, 2010.

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